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Date 08.12.17
New website coming soon...hopefully one good enough for smart phones

Date 19.01.17
This news section dosen't get updated all that much, because on the right side I have added the Facbook newsfeed, were most of the new get added. This is more for the highlight news ;)

LAst year was a busy year for both me and Voluspaa, even though it dosen't seem all that much for you guys. I have been working heavy backstage with the new album. 
The album progress is slow but very very good. I can't wait to show you what I have been up for about 2-3 years now.

I am in no hurry with this release. For me the important part is to enjoy it and make it real, something that I really like to both play and listen to.

Date 27.01.16
A track from the new album is added here www.voluspaa.com/blastfest

Voluspaa will release a pre-prod of one song from the new album.
We will play this song live @ Blastfest 2016 www.blastfest.no
The date is 27th of January. You will get more info at this link on the date of the release



Date 18.01.16
We are still working on the new album. I don't know when it is finished but I am working hard at the moment to get it done. Hopefully soon I will show you all a little taste from the new shit.

The new live line-up for Voluspaa is now complete. We are working hard to get it all ready for our next gig @ Blastfest, Bergen 


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History of Voluspaa

It was 1994 when Voluspaa first saw the day of light after Freddy Skogstad decided to form a band with a unique sound blending elements of Black and Viking metal with acoustic and more traditional folk music.

He teamed up with his good friend 
Thomas Støen to create Voluspaa’s first release Volvenes Spådom (1994), a demo consisting of four powerful songs of the Black / Viking metal genre. Then after a year of touring and writing songs,Voluspaa recorded a second demo called T.Å.E.M.E.N. which has a more old-school Black metal sound with some Viking influences hanging over. Sometime after T.Å.E.M.E.N. was released Voluspaa was laid on ice, though Freddy continued to write
new material.

Voluspaa later signed a deal with Sonicdeath Armageddon to publish T.Å.E.M.E.N. as a limited edition digipack (2006).

Then two years later Voluspaa released a promotional CD entitled En Tid Tilbake (2007), containing 6 songs of new material that ranges from extreme Black metal, rhythmic Viking through to acoustic folk.

re-worked the material on En Tid Tilbake, adding new songs for a second promo Norwegian Metal (2008). This combines the atmosphere of En Tid Tilbake with the additional female vocals by Hildr Valkyrie (of Folkearth). This release really brought to life what Voluspaa’smusic is about. It interweaves harsh Black with Viking metal with the intricate melodies of acoustic folk music to create a truly unique sound.

In early 2009 Voluspaa started discussing the possibility of a full-length recording with Aurora Australis, and after some consideration a deal was struck with Koia studio located in Åsa,Norway to engineer the recording.

So now we have “Åsa” named after the place where the recording took place and the rootword of “Åsatru”, whose spirit can be heard alive and well in this release. Voluspaa have had a journey since their first demo back in 1994, but they have raised themselves from the burning Norwegian churches to enter the battlefield to fight and
defend Norway!

What is Voluspaa?

Voluspaa sounds like what I want to call Norwegian Nationalromantic Black Metal. It's mixed with acoustic music, black, viking and folk metal. Voluspaa expresses a atmospher you can feel and all most touch. The lyric's are from Freddy's view, how he look upon the world and his love for Norway... it's nature and ancient history.

As a live band Voluspaa can be more aggressive. It expresses the love for Norway and want's you to get the kick and satisfaction,
the norse feeling upon you.

Völuspá (Prophecy of the Völva) is the first and best known poem of the Poetic Edda. It tells the story of the creation of the world and its coming end related by a völva addressing Odin. It is one of the most important primary sources for the study of Norse mythology.

The poem is preserved whole in the Codex Regius and Hauksbókmanuscripts while parts of it are quoted in the Prose Edda. It consists of approximately 60 fornyrðislag stanzas.

For more info: www.wikipedia.org

Vikings of Voluspaa

Freddy Skogstad - Vocals, keys, drums and strings

Kenneth Mellum - Guitar/drums
Inge Reehaug - Drums/bass
Sareeta - Violin and vocal
Mariuz Vindedal - Bass and backing vocal
Øyvind Rasmussen - Guitar and backing vocal
Laurits Heyerdahl Husø - Keys

Fallen Vikings
(Some played one concert and some were steady members)
† Thomas Støen - guitar (1994-96)
† Per Erik Holt 
- bass/keys (1994-95)
† Jarle "Uruz" Byberg - drums (1994-95)
† Sub
- drums (session 1995)
† Geir Myklebust 
- drums (session 2008)
Andreas Heieren - bass (2008-09)
Jari Kainulainen - bass (2009)
Sareeta - Violin and vocal (session 2009)
† Anette Gulbrandsen
- vocal (session 2009)
Jon Robert Solbakken - guitar (2008-10)
Ronny Haug - drums (2009-10)
† Ole Kristian Odden - synth, piano & cello (2008 - 10)
† Jarle Fremstad - bass (session 2009-2013)
† Eirik Kjøs Usterud -
bass (session 2013)
Peter Haugen - Keys (2011-2013)
Oscar Tronrud - Strings and backing vocal (2008-2013)

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